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Legal Disclaimer

So here's the deal... I'm a prepper. I like to be prepared. But I don't like calling family to check in ahead of every little trip I want to take on the spur of the moment. I developed to fill that need.

I think it's a valuable service but have yet to find a way I can make money off of it, so I decided to just let it be free for the time being. You are welcome to use it to your heart's content. But don't try to hold me liable if it doesn't save your bacon!

In short, if it fails to send an alert to your friends or family and you nearly freeze to death on the side of a mountain and have to eat your own leg to survive, IT SIMPLY IS NOT MY FAULT!

I will definitely feel bad for you, but not bad enough to open my wallet... so don't try it. Use common sense folks.

Copyright (c) 2007-2011 by Vernon E. Six, Jr. - All Rights Reserved World Wide

Legal Disclaimer

"True friends stab you in the front.", Oscar Wilde